Using T4 (thyroxine) only medication to create a medical annuity

Frustration mounted today as I received notice from a fellow thyroid patient and activist that the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) and the American Thyroid Association (ATA) have begun a campaign to get desiccated thyroid removed as an acceptable form of treatment for hypothyroidism.  Desiccated thyroid products include brand names like Armour Thryoid, Nature-thryoid and NP Thyroid.  This medication has been used safely and effectively for over 100 years.  That’s the problem.  It’s cheap and effective.

Before I delve into how doctors can create a nice annuity of sickness that will guarantee repeat business for many years, (No one would do that right?) I wanted to draw your attention to the 2015 AACE Conference.    AACE has been instrumental in getting Armour thyroid removed from formularies like Medicare stating it is an “illegal thyroid medication” so pharmacies are refusing to fill valid prescriptions.

According to the AACE guidelines published in 2012, recommendation 22.4 states; “There is no evidence to support using desiccated thyroid hormone in preference to L-thyroxine monotherapy (Synthroid, levothyroxine, Levoxyl ed.) in the treatment of hypothyroidism and therefore desiccated thyroid hormone should not be used for the treatment of hypothyroidism. Grade D, BEL 4”. This recommendation was approved unanimously by the AACE panel of experts. 

New research titled: Conversion to Armour Thyroid from Levothyroxine Improved Patient Satisfaction in the Treatment of Hypothyroidism show a different picture than the AACE doctors would have you believe.  Many of patients (myself included) have seen life changing benefits from switching from synthetic T4 only thyroid hormone to desiccated thyroid.  

Advocates, like me, are asking patients and family members who depend on this medication to contact Shiela Spatola (administer of the event) to ask her to allow this information to be heard.  Mail requests to and include the following statement along with any other comments you wish to add like how desiccated thyroid changed your health.  

 “ I support an open discussion of use of desiccated thyroid in the treatment of hypothyroidism.  The authors of Conversion to Armour Thyroid from Levothyroxine Improved Patient Satisfaction in the Treatment of Hypothyroidism,  should be given the opportunity to present their data at the 2015 national AACE meeting. “

 Now for the health issues that accompany this chemical hormone.

thyroid disfunction


Thyroxine (T4 only Synthetic) thyroid hormones have been proven to be ineffective over and over to thousands of users.  Most of us spent many years suffering greatly before finally finding life from desiccated thyroid.  But the brain fog, joint pain and weight issues pale in comparison to the other common issues that result form under treated hypothyroidism.  Just look around and you will see it everywhere.  The chart above is a small sampling of the many issues that can be tied to poor thyroid levels.  But there are some illnesses that result from years of mistreatment and they are far more destructive.

Obesity – A low metabolism means that you will have trouble keeping the weight off.  Obesity brings with it many other issues and health concerns.

Sleep Apnea – It is common for those with hypothyroidism to be on a CPAP machine.

Insulin Resistance – This condition usually results in a prescription of Metformin.

Diabetes – When insulin resistance continues it can end up in diabetes which can result in the need for Insulin injections.

High Cholesterol - When the thyroid is lagging the adrenals pick up the slack.  The adrenals respond by increasing cholesterol to deal with increased inflammation and low sex hormones (it is the precursor to the hormones).

Depression / Anxiety - As the adrenals begin to fail a new issue emerges.   Hormone imbalances create emotional issues resulting in anxiety and depression – especially around female cycles.  This will result in a prescription for Xanax, Zoloft, Wellbutrin and more.

Sadly, this is a small sampling of what happens to someone who’s doctor tries but fails to treat hypothyroidism with the drug they have been trained to use in medical school by the pharmaceutical company.  As patients we know that it is the pharmaceutical company that trains them because they all spout the same phrases when confronted with “Why can’t I have Armour?”

1.  You don’t want to get Mad Cow disease do you?   Desiccated thyroid is made from pig thyroid glands – not cows so there is no risk.

2.  Synthriod is the Cadillac of thyroid medication.   If this is the Cadillac then Armour must be the Rolls Royce.

3.  There is too much T3 in Armour and it could result in heart conditions.   That’s the great thing about Armour and other natural thyroid products.  Your body can adapt to the balance because pig parts are close to the human body in make up.  If the person feels heart palps it is probably due to adrenal issues.  Package inserts state that adrenal issues must be addressed before giving thyroid medication.

To the educated patient these comments make the doctors look really bad.  It shows they do not know about natural thyroid hormone nor do they know how prescribe it.  So instead they demonize it and try to instill fear in the patient.  This leaves hundreds to thousands – probably more living a life of suffering.

This bullying by medical professionals needs to end.  It’s time that we remind the doctors that they are hired by us to perform a service for us and that is to help us get well.  It is not to pump  us full of medications so that they can live in large houses, drive BMW’s and take lavish vacations.  There are a few, like my doctor, who went into medicine to help people get well.  I am so blessed to have him.  But this is not the case for most and I am regularly frustrated by the lack of options to refer my clients to for help.  Most are too afraid of the medical boards to do the right thing.  So they opt for subpar care dictated by the Merck Manual guidelines.  All clinical evaluation is lost .

It’s time to take back our health and demand better options.



Ebola Debacle – Critical Thinking is Lost

critical-thinking-diagram   With each passing day, watching the Ebola scenario unfold is like watching a bad movie drama.  There has been a comedy of errors playing out daily, accompanied by the mass scrambling of officials who are supposed to be working hard to protect us.   On parade is the daily who’s who in the land of the clueless.   One of the main criticisms of the current education model is the loss of teaching critical thinking.  The Ebola scandal has highlighted this like never before.

First, we bringing a doctor and a healthcare worker to the United States with a disease that has NEVER been on the United States soil previously.  I know this is a touchy subject with many.  Where is your humanity people ask?  Yet these are the same people who insist that all get vaccinated for the greater good.  Is there a greater good in protecting the United States from a disease that could wipe out (and is in Africa) thousands of people if an outbreak occurs?

Dr Frieden, from the CDC, is another clueless double talking babbler.  This man’s previous claim to fame was working with the NYC Mayor to ban public smoking and eliminating transfats in the restaurants.  Now he is the Director of the CDC.  His actions have dire consequences for  our nation.  You can give – But can’t get - Ebola on a bus- reports Frieden.  He was quick to throw the nurses under the bus when the first nurse, Nina Pham, was diagnosed with Ebola after caring for Thomas Duncan.  The truth of the matter was that the hospital and the workers were not prepared.  They did not have the equipment to do what they needed to do to keep everyone safe.  There are only FOUR hospitals in all of the United States that have the ability to deal with a level 4 containment situation.    The nurses at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas are now fighting back saying that it is the fault of the hospital that they were exposed not a breech in protocol.

Wednesday, October 15th, revealed that another nurse named Amber Vincent had traveled from Dallas to Cleveland on Frontier Airlines.  She left Dallas on October 10th and returned on October 13th after reporting that she had contacted the CDC multiple times about her 99.5 degree fever.  This is were it gets really out of control.  All I could think when I heard this was “Are you kidding me? She is a healthcare worker who just completed an assignment with Thomas Duncan – WHO DIED!!”  She should know the risks.  Yet her selfishness to get to a bridal shopping trip for her wedding has exposed hundreds of people to this wicked virus.  I have had people defending her by saying that she contacted the CDC and they gave her the all clear to get on the plane.  Again I say “Are you kidding me?”  She is a trained professional that should know better.  She should have waited one more day to see how her fever played out.  But instead she did not think for herself and allowed someone looking at a temperature chart to determine that she should be OK to travel.  Where is the logic here?  …..Missing…..

The American people are beginning to panic.  Almost every other feed on my Facebook page is about Ebola.  Supplies of masks, booties, and rubber gloves are disappearing quickly.  Prices are increasing as individuals try to capitalize on the fear of contracting this disease. klain Then, just when you thought it couldn’t get worse.  It just did.  The White House announces that President Obama has just appointed Ron Klain as the “Ebola Czar”.  So what experience does he have that would make him a good candidate for this position.  It wasn’t his medical experience because this man is not a medical professional but someone that the White House describes as “someone that can get things implemented”.  Anyone hear “community organizing”?   Here’s a brief work history: His is currently the president at Case Holdings and general counsel for Revolution, LLC companies.  He is a graduate of Harvard Law School.    He has served as the Chief of Staff under VP Joe Biden and former VP Al Gore.  As Biden’s chief of staff, Klain played a vital role in implementing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and was the individual who signed off on the $535 million loan guarantee to the now debunked solar panel maker Solyndra.  Prior to working with Joe Biden,  Ron Klain was a well-connected Washington lobbyist. According to Senate lobbying disclosure records, Klain’s clients included Fannie Mae, U.S. Airways, Time Warner, CIGNA, and Imclone.  But the most important part of his history that should concern us is that he was the key legal counsel for Al Gore in the 2000 election.  He was hired to try to figure out how to twist and bend the constitution to get Al Gore into office.  I have a feeling that type of experience may be beneficial before this is all over.  But hey, there’s nothing to see here folks.  Our community organizer has it all under control.   We don’t need a medical person to help control the most dangerous virus to ever come to the United States do we?  But they have a plan for us.  What that is we do not know and sadly as Americans it appears that we have been made pawns in a very deadly game.

It’s time for all of us to reconnect with real people.  Not just on Facebook but people in our community.  To find a good church, return to one you used to go to or get more involved where you are.  Do your research now and start to build up your immune system with food and supplements.  Not everyone who is exposed gets the virus.  What is the difference?  I believe it is a strong immune system.  We are going to need to work as a community for what may come.  Now’s the time.  Don’t wait.

To your health!

CDC Seeking Passengers with Ebola Nurse

Frontier Airlines Flight 1143

This is a critical issue folks!  The 2nd nurse diagnosed yesterday with Ebola was traveling on Frontier Flight number 1143 from Cleveland to Dallas / Fort Worth International (DFW) on Monday, October 13.  Just one day before being diagnosed with Ebola.   Her flight landed at 8:16 pm Dallas time.  The nurse had flown from Dallas Fort Worth to Cleveland on Frontier flight 1142 on October 10th.  The CDC is asking all 132 passengers who flew on that flight or on the October 10th flight to call 1-800-232-4636.

   October 14th travel for this airplane is not discussed. 

On October 15 at approx 1:00 am MT time Frontier Airlines was notified by the CDC that the nurse had been a traveling customer on their flight.  The flight did not leave the airport that evening (Oct 13) having completed its scheduled flights for the day.   Frontier states that the plane received a thorough cleaning “per our normal procedures which is consistent with CDC guidelines prior to returning to service the next day.”

The troubling part of that comment was that it was “normal procedures”.   They did not state per the recent guidelines given to assist in the protection against Ebola.  On October 9, airline cabin cleaners went on strike over fears that they were not properly equipped and protected.   Something tells me their cleaning plan is about as effective as the nursing care protection has been thus far.

Why was this nurse who directly cared for Thomas Duncan on a plane TWO DAYS after he died?    Certainly it does not take a rocket scientist to see that the people at the highest risk are those who were in the closest proximity to this man who was infected.  We allowed this woman to “self monitor” which was accompanied by very poor judgement on her part.

I have done a lot of travel on airplanes in my previous consulting career.  I began to think of every opportunity I would have to expose others to an illness.  Here is the litany.    The CDC is looking for the travelers on the plane.  But this is so much bigger.

Parking ramp – the button to get your ticket.
Elevator / Escalator from the ramp to the airport
Kiosk to check-in at the ticket counters
Ticket agent takes paperwork / license to check you in
Luggage check – TSA
TSA – ticket, scanner, bins for purses, shoes, etc
Stores – many go to stores and restaurants for coffee, ,snacks magazines, etc.
Gate Agent / Gate Chairs / Charging Stations 
Airplane – Seat, Magazines, Air control, Overhead bin, Bathroom, Cups / Cans, Trash, Flight Attendant, Customers seated nearby
Rental Car – Agent, Contract, Keys, ENTIRE CAR
Hotel – clerk, keys, room, room service
Restaurants / Coffee Shops
People she came  in contact with while in Cleveland

Just do the trip in reverse and you can see that the issue with this travel is exponential.

Are we really doing everything to keep the American people safe?

You decide……..



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