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The following consultation options are available for your selection.

Please note that I only work with women.  I also do not do second hand consultations (ie: for a friend or relative) unless the person is a minor or disabled.


Thyroid Wellness Support

Are you feeling fatigued, gaining weight and struggling to make it through the day?  Have you complained about your issues to your doctor yet testing revealed you were *normal*?  Normal is a setting on a dryer and not and evaluation of  your health.  Wedging everyone into a range of lab values without taking into consideration the symptoms doesn’t work and leaves many suffering.  This consultation is designed to support the individual who is struggling with a thyroid condition.  I provide education and guidance for those suffering from hypothyroidism or Hashimotos (autoimmune thyroid disease).  Many also suffer from adrenal fatigue along with their thyroid condition.  I offer educational support about effective nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies, detoxification and dietary information to assist you with improving your thyroid condition using the body’s natural abilities.

Please do not purchase this item unless you have a
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45 Minute Session     $65.00
(Please check out with standard shipping to obtain the correct total amount)


NOTE:  I do not do consultations with individuals outside of the United States.


Thyroid Cancer Support

If you have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer you are probably filled with questions and fears.  Your doctor is telling you to remove your thyroid and then go through radiation (Radioactive Iodine Therapy) and this will eliminate the cancer.  Just the word “cancer” strikes fear in the hearts and minds of every individual.  But did you know that following this advice doesn’t guarantee that you will be free from cancer?   As a matter of fact Radioactive Iodine actually CAUSES cancer.  If it seems barbaric that you are treated with a therapy that causes cancer to remove cancer then you are not alone.  It’s time to get educated about your options and that is where I can help.

My consultations will change your life through:

1)  KNOWLEDGE - I will help you with the basic questions that arise once you have a diagnosis of thyroid cancer.  What does a cancer diagnosis mean?  What are the various forms of thyroid cancer?   What treatment options do I have?  What do my lab tests mean?  Are there any other things I should have checked?  Anything you would like to know, I am here to help you get the answers.  When our consultation is done you will feel comfortable with the decisions you are about to make.

2) EMPOWERMENT - When you are diagnosed with thyroid cancer the wind is knocked out of you.  I know.  I have been there.  As I sat looking at my 4 month old baby on the floor in his car seat my “it’s probably nothing” turned into a huge “something”.  My head was spinning and I didn’t know whether I wanted to scream, cry or run.  These are all normal feelings.  Once they sink in, we have the opportunity to become empowered with knowledge.  It is your body.  You decide what is best for the journey you are about to embark on.  Not your doctor.  We often get this relationship with our doctors mixed up.  You have hired him to perform a service for you.  He does not own you.  Did you know that the average doctor has had only 12 hours on average of nutritional training?  So what have they been trained in?  Cut, Poison and Burn…that’s all they know.  Expecting any other option from them would be like going to a burger joint to receive filet minion.  Holistic cancer treatment, in my opinion, is the filet minion.  It’s not on the conventional doctors menu.  But it’s on mine and I have learned the recipe to success – through my own journey to healing after eating many “burgers” that only left me sick.

3) PLAN -  It is often said that “Failure to plan is planning to fail”.  This couldn’t be more correct.  I find in my own life that my health begins to slide when I stop deliberately setting forth my goals and plans.   I will teach you how to think about food as a new form of *medicine*, the importance of detoxification and how to establish a balanced life that allows for your body to use its own power to heal when given the right building blocks.

4) ENCOURAGEMENT – I am here to encourage you on your journey.  To be your cheerleader when things get hard and you want to give up.  The society we live in is not conducive to healing.  Everywhere you turn you are bombarded by junk food that sabotages your goals.  Family and friends are often skeptical that natural methods can be effective.   Our world is toxic so it takes deliberate action to heal.  You need someone in your corner.  Healing is a body – mind – spirit battle.


Please do not purchase this item unless you have a
consultation date that is confirmed. 

Consultation (45 mins)     $  75.00
(Please check out with standard shipping to obtain the correct total amount)

NOTE:  I do not do consultations with individuals outside of the United States.



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