Essential Oils for Sleep


Sleep is one of the most important parts of our day.  While we sleep our body can take the time to repair itself and take a break from the stressors of the day.

Have you ever heard the term “Sleeping like a baby?”   It seems that babies can fall asleep in the most uncomfortable places.  But what happens when you have a child that has sleep issues as they get older.  This happened to me.  My daughter was never a great sleeper.  She seemed to struggle to stay asleep and could not wind down and fall asleep.  This only got worse as she got older and by the time she was 3 yrs old we were struggling to get her to sleep by 10 pm.  This worried me.  We started her bedtime routine by 7:30 pm, read stories in the rocker and tried to lessen any stimulation prior to bed.  Our doctors had no suggestions as to why she would not sleep.  Most of the time I was told “some children are just like this”.  But I didn’t agree.  I knew how important sleep was and refused to believe that she was “made” this way.  Something was out of balance and I intended to find it.

We tolerated the long times to falling asleep and constant waking to come to get us in the middle of the night to tuck her back in and turn on some music so she wouldn’t be scared.  This phase continued until she was 8 yrs old.  But then things shifted again.  Just before her 9th birthday she went to a friends house for a sleep over.  She had done this many times without issue.  But on this particular night my girlfriend called me at almost 10 pm telling me that my daughter was crying uncontrollably.  She couldn’t pry the reason out of her – only that she wanted to come home.  I figured she was sick and too scared to tell her.  So off I went to pick her up and bring her home.  On the way home I managed to find out why she was so hysterical.  She was afraid….. afraid that she would never fall asleep and that she would have a bad day the next day because of it.  She was beginning to feel the impact of her sleep deprivation.  My heart ached that as a mom and a Naturopath I could not find answers for her.  We had been giving her melatonin for around 1 year and while this took the edge off, it did not correct the problem.  She had severe anxiety and would cry and not fall asleep until midnight most nights.  She needed sleep and I was worried.

Then a blessing was brought into my life.  A gift was given to me by my friend Catherine (a fellow naturopath) who shared the gift of essential oils with me.  I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical that something as simple as oils could help my daughter.  Especially since I had tried eliminating foods, adding supplements, changing bedtime routines and more.  Could this really be the answer I wondered.  But I was desperate.  My daughter was at the point where bedtimes were emotionally charged with so much anxiety that we could hardly get to allow us to leave her room at night.

I purchased the Young Living Everyday Oils kit for my starter oils.  Included in this kit were two oils that I started with.  Peace & Calming and Lavender.  Both are calming oils and work with the brain and body to create a sense of relaxation and ease the anxiety.  I applied these oils to her feet, wrists and had her breath them in.  To our amazement her anxieties eased.  She began to sleep through the night more often.  I was so excited to see improvement when nothing had helped before.  Then my friend shared the Essential Pocket Reference Guide with me.  I searched the book looking for oils that would help her with the lingering anxiety and inability to fall asleep.  I found them… or so I thought.  I eagerly purchased them and waited for them to arrived.  What were these oils?  Joy and Cedarwood.

Joy is used to create a sense of happiness.  We applied the oil along the hairline of my daughter each night.  An amazing thing happened.  On the first night she had no anxiety.  No crying.  Could this be a fluke or had the oil really worked?  It was the oil.  Why do I know.  Because being a scientific person I test things.  I used the other oils yet eliminated this one a few nights and each night she would have anxiety.

The other oil, Cedarwood, is an intriguing oil.  When diffused it helps to increase natural melatonin levels.  Since adding melatonin as a supplement to my daughters protocol had helped take the edge off, I hoped that this would help.   So each night we used 5 drops of Cedarwood in the travel diffuser in her room.

A miracle occurred within a week.  My daughter was asleep by 9 pm each night and she was sleeping through the night.  No more anxiety at night.  Bedtimes were peaceful.  The application of oils began last summer and has continued each night since then.  We apply lavender to her big toes to correspond to the glands that control sleep hormones (see vitaflex chart for feet) as well as to her wrists.  We put 5 drops of Cedarwood on the diffuser pad and run the diffuser for a few hours in her room from the time she goes to bed until I go to bed (when I turn it off).  We were able to eliminate the application of Joy around Christmas time after I tested not using it for several days and discovered that her anxiety had disappeared.

The essential oils have been a blessing to our family.  This is one of the ways I used the many oils now contained in my home.  I am glad that I chose Young Living Oils.  Why?  Because they are truly therapeutic grade.  You can ingest all of the oils without fear.  This is not the case for other oils.  The processing of the oils in many cases makes them toxic to the body.  Second, YL offers excellent education to its distributors.  I have learned so much from Gary Young and David Stewart and I continue to learn each month as they continue to offer more and more podcasts to listen to.  Lastly, the integrity of the company in the market place is important to me. They do not talk negatively about other companies to elevate their own.  They are secure in the product they offer and let it speak for itself.

If you are interested in trying some oils or wonder what may be right for you, please contact me at

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3 thoughts on “Essential Oils for Sleep”

  1. hi there, I found this article to be very informative and appreciate it. I wanted to just say that you said in the article that all of yl oils can be ingested. this was a scary statement to me as I have learned that some oils, wintergreen for example, are fatal if ingested. just wanted to say that – maybe you’d want to change the wording there so that people don’t just assume that all of the oils are safe and not do any research because they just trusted what you said. thx for listening!

    1. All Young Living Essential Oils ARE SAFE for ingestion according to the Essential Oils Desk Reference Guide. Yes even Wintergreen. This is not true of other essential oils / companies. Young Living is the purest form of oils available. If they were not safe for ingestion then the EODR from Life Science Publishing would never say that they were. In a world where everyone is sue happy and the FDA is cracking down on natural methods, this would never work. Here is the desk reference if you are interested in what I am referring to I would be happy to e-mail you the sheets in PDF form from the guide as well. It is not my opinion that they are safe – I am only repeating what the guide states.

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