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Depression and Anxiety issues are something that my clients seem to struggle with.  In many cases they are tied to thyroid and adrenal issues.  I have been educating my clients about the benefits of using thyroid and adrenal supporting nutrients.  But now I have a protocol that uses Young Living Essential Oils.  This was shared by Gary Young in 1994.  I have shared some posts from other distributors to help you understand the benefits of each oil.  They are powerful and non-toxic.


Valor – rubbed on the bottoms of the feet, or a drop put on one wrist, and I hold the other wrist to it. 

Harmony – a single drop, rubbed over the solar plexus area (above the belly button).

Joy – a single drop rubbed over the heart.

White Angelica – a single drop in one hand, rub the hands together, and brush over the head (lightly touching the hair, over the face, onto the shoulders, the chest, brushing all the way down the body, lightly touching the body, right over the clothes, as though applying an “angelic shield.”


The current cost of these oils is:

Valor – $28.62 Retail / $21.75 Wholesale
Joy – $52.30 Retail /  $39.75 Wholesale
Harmony – $85.20 Retail /  $ 64.75 Wholesale
White Angelica – $78.62 Retail / $59.75 Wholesale

Total is $244.74 Retail / $186.00 Wholesale

Each 15 ml bottle has approximately 250 drops in them.  Which means that the cost for this protocol is pennies on the dollar compared to depression medication.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me or to order directly from Young Living you can sign up as either a Customer or a Distributor (gives you 24% off retail) via this link.

To your health naturally,


Smoking Cravings? Just Sniff!

Are you trying to quit smoking?  Finding it hard to quit due to the cravings?  How would you like it if all you had to do was “SNIFF”?

“Recently a published study showed that the essential oil black pepper helped quell nicotine cravings. If you are a smoker, why not give it a try. All you have to do is smell it.

Inhale to fight cigarette cravingsInhale to fight cigarette cravings
Twenty volunteers from the college community who were daily users of nicotine (cigarettes, snuff, or chewing tobacco) agreed to inhale one drop of essential …oil on a tissue for two minutes whenever tobacco cravings arose.
For this comparative study with pre- and post-test measures, the authors chose two essential oils, black pepper and angelica. (The study abstract did not list the botanical species.)
If you are interested in getting Young Living Essential Oils you can order them at retail as a customer or become a distributor (don’t let that name scare you – it just means you get things cheaper!) and enjoy a 24% discount off of retail.  You can have access to either option by visiting this website.
Drug Alcohol Depend. 1994 Feb;34(3):225-9.

Inhalation of vapor from black pepper extract reduces smoking withdrawal symptoms.


Nicotine Research Laboratory (151-S), V.A. Medical Center, Durham, NC 27705.


Previous studies have suggested that sensory cues associated with cigarette smoking can suppress certain smoking withdrawal symptoms, including craving for cigarettes. In this study we investigated the subjective effects of a cigarette substitute delivering a vapor of black pepper essential oil. Forty-eight cigarette smokers participated in a 3-h session conducted after overnight deprivation from smoking. Subjects were randomly assigned to one of three conditions: one group of smokers puffed on a device that delivered a vapor from essential oil of black pepper; a second group puffed on the device with a mint/menthol cartridge, and a third group used a device containing an empty cartridge. Subjects puffed and inhaled ad libitum from the device throughout the session during which no smoking was allowed. Reported craving for cigarettes was significantly reduced in the pepper condition relative to each of the two control conditions. In addition, negative affect and somatic symptoms of anxiety were alleviated in the pepper condition relative to the unflavored placebo. The intensity of sensations in the chest was also significantly higher for the pepper condition. These results support the view that respiratory tract sensations are important in alleviating smoking withdrawal symptoms. Cigarette substitutes delivering pepper constituents may prove useful in smoking cessation treatment

Allergies – Try the Essential Oil Duo


Allergies seem to be really bad for many people this year.  My family is suffering more than any other year.  Thankfully we have essential oils from Young Living .

How do I used them?

Lavender – is a natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory.

Inhale: Put 1-3 drops of the oil in your hands and rub them together.  Cup your two hands over your nose and breath deeply.

Apply Topically:  These oils can be applied to the forehead,  nose and sinuses, front of the neck and base of the skull.

Diffuse:  If you are blessed to have a diffuser, add 5 drops of the oil to the water and diffuse for 15 mins every 2 hours.

Internally:  Some report benefits by placing a few drops under their tongue.


Peppermint – has anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. It has been used for years as a nasal decongestant.

Topically: Apply 1 drop of Peppermint Essential Oil to the temples, forehead, top of head, back of neck. You can do this after the Lavender oil and it can be diluted with coconut, V6 or Oilive Oil.  Peppermint is what they call a “hot” oil which means that it can be a skin irritant for some.

Diffuse: Diffuse Peppermint Essential Oil throughout the day.

Inhalation: Inhale straight from bottle. Apply 1-2 drops of Peppermint to the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and cup them over your nose.

Internally: Put one drop in water (not plastic – glass only).  This will help to boost your immune system.

Both of these oils are very inexpensive and offer a great benefit!  There are approx 250 drops of oil in each 15 ml bottle.
Lavender is $23.50 whls / $30.92 retail
Peppermint is $21.50 whls/ $28.29 retail

If you are interested in getting these oils you can order them at retail as a customer or become a distributor (don’t let that name scare you – it just means you get things cheaper!) and enjoy a 24% discount off of retail.  You can have access to either option by visiting this website.




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