NBC Chief Medical Correspondent Violates Quarantine


Nancy S

Many will remember NBC’s chief medical correspondent, Nancy Snyderman for her public proclamation on the MSNBC Morning Meeting show in 2010.   When discussing the swine flu, she stated that Americans needed to stop questioning medical authorities and pay attention to them.  She fear mongers about how our immune systems are not ready for this new virus and tries to play on individuals fear of getting sick and losing your job because you have to take time off to care for a child.  She also travels down another road trying to combat the people who view this vaccine as just another way for big pharma to make money.  She ends the discussion with……  “There’s no conspiracy here folks,  just get your damn flu vaccine.” 

Fast forward to October 2014, when Nancy Snyderman travels to Africa to recover an NBC cameraman who has been infected with Ebola.  She, along with her crew agreed to a voluntary 21 day quarantine after her trip.  But that promise was short lived when her desire to visit the Peasant Grill got the best of her and she went with another man to pick up a take out order thus violating the quarantine.  She was seen waiting outside with her hair pulled back and wearing sunglasses.

The CDC assures us that there is no risk and no reason for decontamination of the restaurant because the individuals are asymptomatic.   Snyderman apologized to the public admitting that now that they had violated the voluntary quarantine they were now under mandatory quarantine.  Her apology was definitely not heartfelt and she admitted no wrongdoing.

This is beyond troubling.  A medical professional swears an oath to first do no harm.  Her arrogance could mean that she has exposed others to Ebola.  Case in point – the nurse who was “self monitoring” in Texas and is now infected.  How much do we really know about this virus?  It has not been on US soil before and there are few US medical professionals that have a clear course of action to protect themselves or knowing how to protect others.

We need to get control of this now.  Before too many more people are exposed and infected.  Unfortunately many of the natural health professionals like myself have been gagged by the FTC and FDA from sharing potential immune enhancing products.  I have seen others in the community report that research articles on PubMed.gov that offered natural solutions seem to be disappearing as well.

During these uncertain times, I pay close attention to the food that goes into my mouth and that of my families.  I concentrate on clean nutrient dense foods.  I try to ensure that my family and I are taking our vitamins to ensure proper levels of Vit D, Vit C, minerals and essential fatty acids.   Strive to keep your home and body clean of toxins.   This is our best defense – using our God given immune system fueled with his provisions in nature.

Liberian *KNEW* He Was Exposed to Ebola



The New York Times reported today that Thomas Duncan, the Nigerian diagnosed with Ebola yesterday in Dallas, TX, knew that he had been exposed to Ebola prior to traveling on two United Airlines planes through Belgium to the United States.

Mr. Duncan left Liberia on September 19th to travel to the United States.   It is reported that he showed no symptoms while travelling which is supposedly a sign that he was not contagious.

On Monday, September 15th, his landlord’s daughter became gravely ill and he helped him carry her to the hospital.   She died the next day (9/16/14).  Soon after, his son became ill and died on Wednesday, September 17th.  It is reported that 2 other neighbors who may have come in contact with the daughter also died and their bodies were collected on Wednesday as well.   Two days later, Mr Duncan boarded a plane for the United States.

Since entering the United States, Mr. Duncan has come in contact with at least 5 children in a home over the weekend.  These children attend four different schools (elementary, middle and high schools).  It is estimated that he came in contact with approximately 12-18 individuals since his arrival.

This case begs to ask the question.  Why is it that we must put pets in quarantine when travelling yet we allow a man from Liberia, a known ebola inflicted country, to enter with no consideration of potential exposure.  It is clear from this press release that he knew he had been exposed.  Did he come here knowing this so that he would get treatment in the Untied States if he had contracted it?  How many more will do the same?  What controls do we have in place to stop this?  NONE – that’s the problem.

This is what the government is for.  To protect its citizens from epidemic disease.  Yet it has failed miserably to do this.  It is not responsible for healthcare, education, global warming or any other scheme it engages in.

We are in big trouble unless we get it together.  I fear this is only the beginning of what we will see in the very near future.

John 16:33 - These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

Mystery EV-D68, Ebola and Tuberculosis come to the US

Fear sweeps the country as the CDC warns of a mystery disease that is making its way across the United States.  Children are dying they report to us.  Less catastrophic cases are still presented to us as dangerous and threatening to our children – especially those with asthma.

EV68 was first isolated in 1962, incidences of this virus in the U.S. have been rare since this time.  No one seems to know what is causing this sudden widespread outbreak, or do they?

“But this one, this particular Enterovirus 68, is very rare and they have no idea why it showed up this year,” ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser said.

There are four confirmed cases of EV-D68 in California in 2014.  Dr. Ron Chapman, CDPH director and state health officer for the California Department of Health (CDPH) has confirmed cases in patients in San Diego (3) and Ventura (1) counties.

What has happened to California and other states where this virus is popping up unexpectedly?  The answer may surprise you ….. or not.  I am finding that few things surprise me anymore.  I have come to expect the unexpected or what would have been unthinkable just 10 years ago is now normal.  What each of these states have in common is that illegal alien children who have crossed the boarder and have been relocated all over the United States and carrying with them these diseases.

The enteroviruses are common in Latin America per this research article  Human rhinoviruses and enteroviruses in influenza-like illness in Latin America.  

” HRV infection often results in mild upper respiratory disease like the common cold, but it may also cause more serious disease by exacerbating asthma or other pre-existing respiratory disorders. In contrast, HEVs infect primarily the gastrointestinal tract and can spread to other sites, but some HEVs display specific tropism for the respiratory tract.”

Why are vaccinated children more prone to this virus than non?  If you look at where this virus infects, it is the gastrointestinal tract.  One of the key issues Dr Andrew Wakefield determined in his children with autism was that their intestinal tract had been compromised by the vaccines.  So this is no surprise that vaccinated children are at a higher risk.

Where are the children that are crossing our border illegally coming from?  Do we know?  Sure we do.  The New  York Times has provided maps locations in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

So guess what?  The virus that the CDC is warning us will harm and even kill our children is a direct result of the failure to lock down our borders as the law or our land requires.  But wait, this gets better.  I the started the writing of this blog early yesterday.  Since then, we have a confirmed case of ebola in Dallas, TX at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.  The director for the CDC reiterates the mantra they have been saying – “Ebola is not airborne.  You can only get it by direct contact.”  Please tell me why the doctors in Africa who know the danger and are show in contamination suits with long gloves and goggles still came down with ebola.?   A recent study showed that it was airborne from pigs to monkeys.  Something doesn’t add up.

Frieden from the CDC stated:

“At this point there is zero risk of transmission on the flight. He was checked for fever before getting on the flight,” Frieden said. “There is no reason to think that anyone who was on the flight he was on is at any risk.”

Frieden said the patient was visiting family in the United States and left Liberia on an overnight flight Sept. 19. Frieden says there’s no chance he could have infected anybody on the flight because he would have been checked for fever before leaving Liberia and also when he arrived in the United States.

“But four or five days later, on the 24th of September, he began developing symptoms,” Frieden said. Ebola infection usually starts with fever and can look like malaria or influenza. He sought care on Sept. 26 and was isolated at the hospital on the 28th.

According to the WHO on the incubation and time of being contagious:

The incubation period, or the time interval from infection to onset of symptoms, is from 2 to 21 days. The patients become contagious once they begin to show symptoms. They are not contagious during the incubation period.

The CDC shares the symptoms of ebola.  How do we know when he became contagious.  They are not releasing the flight he was on when he came to the United States on September 19th.  They are not sharing which airport he passed through on his trip.  When asked.. it’s patient confidentiality.

On September 15th the CDC released instructions for Hospitals to put in place an Ebola action plan.   Details can be found at the Daily Mail and many other sites.  The direct link to the document can be found here.

On September 29, five babies tested positive for tuberculosis in the West Texas area after a nurse assistant at an El Paso hospital nursery exposed hundreds of infants.

The people of the United States have grown accustom to resting easy at night believing that the government protection agencies have put in place in place measures to protect them from harm.  But this is no longer a luxury we can enjoy.  In the last few months and weeks we have witnessed massive invasions over the southern border with disease and gangs,  whistle blowers are exposing the fraud of the research that assured us vaccines were safe for our children when they weren’t.    Our first beheading has occurred on US soil, invaders scaled the fence to the White House and entered without resistance, gun shots hit the White House last November and no one knew but the housekeeper along with countless other things too multiple to mention.

In these last days as we approach the return of our Savior, try to rest in Him and His promises.  He will not forsake you even when you feel vulnerable on this earth.  He has not given us a spirit of fear.  Remember  “God’s got it.”

Romans 15:13 - Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.

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