Thyroid Medications

Normal Function of the Thyroid Gland 

The function of the thyroid gland is dependent on the intake of Iodine to make thyroxine (T4) and tiiodothyronine.  The thyroid cells absorb iodine from the blood stream which binds with the amino acid tyrosine.  After creation they are released into the blood stream to control metabolism, conversion of oxygen and more. Every cell in the body depends on thyroid hormone for regulation.  The normal thyroid produces 80%  T4 and 20% T3.  This seems to be the reason why synthetic thyroid hormones such as Synthroid, Levoxyl and Levothyroxine are problematic for thyroidless or very low functioning thyroids.

Two Forms of Medication 

Synthetic – Synthroid / Levoxyl

This medication is a laboratory created thyroid medication.  It is a T4 only hormone.

Desiccated ThyroidArmour, Nature-Throid, West-throid, Acella NP Thyroid, ERFA

Desiccated thyroid is a thyroid medication that is made from the gland of a pig.

Issues With T4 Only Medications

Medications such as Synthroid, Levoxyl and Levothyroxine can be problematic for many – especially those without a thyroid.  Many suffer from fatigue, aching joints, depression, anxiety, weight gain, loss of hair, dry skin and the list goes on. Doctors, when presented with these long lists of complaints will frequently dole out prescriptions for antidepressants like prozac and zoloft as the magic fix.  We are NOT DEPRESSED!  The underlying cause is nothing less than low thyroid levels – more specifically low Free T3.

Most allopathic doctors will prescribe a T4 only medication to thyroidless patients telling them that they will not notice a difference from the time when they had their thyroid.  WRONG!  We feel it.  We need T3.  The T3 hormone possesses about four times the “strength” of T4 thyroid hormones.   Remember that 20% of the body’s T3 comes directly from the thyroid gland so supplying T4 only causes us to lose that 20%. The other issue is in counting on the body’s ability to convert the T4 to T3. This hormone being supplied is a chemical and does not look like the chemical structure of what your thyroid would produce and this I believe causes problems for the body.

When T3 levels drop the body’s metabolism slows down yet there are still demands on it to continue to “perform”.  As an effort to maintain homeostasis the body will then draw off of the adrenals until they become totally fatigued and the patient collapses.  This is when it becomes very difficult to recover.  You now have to deal with low thyroid and adrenal fatigue.  The adrenals are the sprinters of the body.  They kick up the adrenaline when you experience the fight or flight response but when taxed daily to support normal body functions and forced into marathon running they will crash and burn.

Natural Desiccated Thyroid Hormone Therapy

I was told by my endocrinologist over and over that Synthroid is “The Cadillac” of thyroid hormone therapy.  After suffering on Synthroid for 6 years I was able to find a holistic doctor that would prescribe Armour Thyroid for me.  Within 4 days the fog lifted and I began to gain energy and experience an overall feeling of wellness.  So I say that if Synthroid is “The Cadillac” then Armour Thyroid is “The Rolls Royce” of thyroid hormone therapy.What is different about Armour you ask?  Armour is derived from desiccated pig thyroid glands.  It is approved by the US Pharmacopia and contains T1, T2, T3, T4 and Calcitonen – all the components that a normal thyroid would produce.  I believe this is key in its unparalleled success with patients.  Especially those without a thyroid to supply all it needs.But my endocrinologist said that since I had thyroid cancer so I can’t take it.
HOGWASH!  Take some time and look at who supports the local endocrinologist schools.  It’s Abbott Pharmaceuticals for the most part that is there paying for grants and supporting speaking engagements of the staff.  Abbott is the maker of Synthroid.  New Endocrinologists come out of school in the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies.  Armour has been around for over 100 years.  It was  used successfully by thyroid cancer patients for years prior to the creation of Synthroid or any other levothyroxine product.

Comments / Objections from Endocrinogists
No the potency does not vary from pill to pill as endocrinologists will tell you.  The US Pharmacopia maintains tight controls on the potency of each batch produced as it does with all drugs.

No you cannot get mad cow disease from this drug as it comes from porcine not bovine sources.

No this does not put you at higher risk for thyroid cancer.  It increases your metabolism which puts you at a lower risk.