There are two main sources of mercury that people are exposed to.

Amalgam Fillings

Watch the following video to see how toxic gases are released through normal activities.


If you decided that you want to remove your amalgam fillings, this is not something that any dentist can do.  You must find a dentist that is knowledgeable in safe removal.  I recommend reading books about this topic to educate yourself.  Some good books are:

Uniformed Consent  by Hal Huggins DDS
It’s All In Your Head by Hal Huggins DDS
Mercury Free by James Hardy DDS
Whole Body Dentistry by Mark Breiner DDS

Some things to look for – Air filtration systems, dental dams, low speed drill, reactivity tooth testing,  highest reactive tooth removed first,  and oxygen masks used.  There should also be a high dose of Vitamin C administered after removal in the form of IV or Liposomal C.  If you are fighting a chronic health condition then you may wish to have a biocompatibility test done to ensure that you will not have an immune reaction to the restorative materials.  A common test is called the Clifford Reactivity test.

In the Grand Rapids, MI area, I can recommend the following dentist for safe removal and restoration.  I am sorry I do not have any other resources that I can recommend.

Dr Kevin Flood DDS
Dental Health & Wellness Center
4990 Cascade Road SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Tel: 616-974-4990



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