Website Has a New Home

You may have noticed that my website has been having issues over the last few months.  I have been so busy that I have not had time to investigate why there was an issue.  At the beginning of this week I sent a message to my Hosting service asking why I was receiving a generic 500 error.  I did this when a website that I have in development (not live) began to have the same issues. Their response shocked me.  They had determined that my site was using more than the allowable resources so they locked my site down.  Well isn’t that lovely?  I have searched comments from other users who experienced the same issues with this host.  Their servers were not secure and hackers were hitting my sites with bots trying to gain access.  This caused the server usage to increase.  I put up security walls to protect my site, blocked IP address ranges and more but nothing could stop them from coming to me.  My hosts solution?  To pay them $40 / mo for protection.  This morning I read that one of the customers did this and still had issues and they shut down all 10 of  his websites.

As of yesterday all of my websites were transferred to a new host where there is security on the server to keep the hackers away from my site. I am still working on setting up configurations.  I need to get my SSL onto my site yet.  This was something my other host charged $100 / year for.

I’m sorry for the constant errors you all may have been experiencing but my hope is that those days are gone and that we will be stable and fast (as it appears to be now).  Please let me know if you experience any issues in the next few weeks that I may need to tweek.

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Stephanie Buist, ND HC