Coaching Sessions Suspended

Thank you for your interest in a coaching session.  At this time I have suspended offering this service.

The lack of consistent coaching appointments and the competition with Amazon for product sales forced me to return to my previous line of work in the accounting industry.   I found myself sacrificing my family’s needs because I cared about those who were struggling to find answers and help.  But there came a breaking point when I had one child in college, and another close behind.  Top this off with 4 drivers in Michigan where our car insurance rates are almost the highest in the nation and the handwriting was on the wall that I needed to do something different.

It was a difficult decision to make but I kept warning the Iodine group members that their desire to save $5-10 on product purchases through discount vendors plus only taking my free support would eventually result in my having to choose an alternative.  When I was offered an opportunity to return to the firm I had been employed by prior to having children, I jumped at the chance and I am very happy I did.  My batteries are begin recharged through work and compensation that has gone hand in hand.

I have continued to leave the Facebook Iodine group open and spend a few hours there a week supporting what I have time to give.  It is still free but no longer a priority of my time.  If you would like to join there for support, you can click the link above and after answering the 3 questions I will approve your membership request.

Thank you to all who have, and continue to support me.

I will  also continue to maintain the online store offering the top products for iodine supplementing.

I wish you the best on your iodine journey.  It truly is life changing.

Stephanie Buist, ND HC