Women’s Coaching Sessions

The coaching sessions are phone based and 25 minutes in length.
These sessions are an opportunity for you to ask questions and obtain guidance with one of three topics.

I am only offering consulting sessions for women.  This is where my experience and expertise lies and where I believe to offer the most value.

I offer the following coaching topics.

  1. Thyroid Wellness
  2. Iodine Supplementation
  3. Thyroid Cancer

International:  I am currently limited in scheduling only in the United States due to currency payment options through the scheduling software.

Please provide your contact phone number in the Appointment Notes Section.  This is the number that will be used to contact you at the time of your appointment.  I can also do Skype audio sessions.  Please contact me at contact@steppingstonesliving.com for further details.  Thank you.  

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