Iodine Drop Calculations

Use this table to determine how many milligrams of iodine / iodide are in each drop of each different percentage
Lugol's solution.
# Drops2% Solution5% Solution7% Solution
12.5 mgs6.25 mgs8.75 mgs
25.0 mgs12.5mgs17.5 mgs
37.5 mgs18.75 mgs26.25 mgs
410.0 mgs25.0 mgs35.0 mgs
512.5 mgs31.25 mgs43.75 mgs
615.0 mgs37.5 mgs52.50 mgs
717.5 mgs43.75 mgs61.25 mgs
820.0 mgs50.0 mgs70.0 mgs
922.5 mgs56.25 mgs78.75 mgs
1025.0 mgs62.5 mgs87.5 mgs