Please read all of the group rules to ensure that you are able to stay in compliance and remain as a member of the group.

Your Responsibilities

You will need to read The Guide to Supplementing with Iodine prior to posting to the Iodine group for the first time.  This document was created to avoid the repetitive questions like:

What type of iodine should I take?
Can I take kelp?
How much iodine should I take?

Posting Rules

  1. All posts must be directly related to the topic of supplementing with iodine.
  2. We are not a thyroid group – iodine is used by the entire body – so thyroid specific questions not in the context of supplementing will not be approved.
  3. We do not allow the posting of your personal services or products to the group.  The owner (Stephanie Buist ND HC) does promote her coaching services and products on the group.  Whining (on the group or off) about this will result in removal from the group.  You would not be allowed to walk into a local business with your competing products and the same applies here.
  4. No Diagnosing or Prescribing – You should never tell anyone on the group how much iodine or supporting products to take or how to take it.  This is legally considered prescribing.  You should also never tell someone what their medical condition is based on what they describe.  No pictures are allowed to help eliminate the temptation for diagnosing.
  5. We do not debate the safety or efficacy of iodine on the group.  If you are a member, we assume that you want to use Lugol’s iodine as designated by Dr Brownstein, Abraham and Flechas.
  6. Please use the search option to look for previous discussions for questions you may have.  There are few things that have not been addressed in our 10 years of existence.  If you find a post older than 3 months ago please do not “Like” or comment.  Commenting brings the post to the top of the group as if it is new and members will begin to respond as if it was.  Many times the member that posted is no longer a member or active.  This just creates confusion.  So “Look but don’t touch”.  
  7. No “F” or “Following” allowed on the posts.  Please use the notification option provided in Facebook.  If you go to the upper right corner of the post you can access a drop down menu that allows for turning on notifications.  All following posts are deleted. 
  8. We do not allow posts from non-medical sources.  There are many trying to capitalize on the iodine movement with their own twist to the requirements for supplementing.  The protocol we used is based on the personal mentoring of Dr Brownstein with Stephanie Buist, ND HC.   It has been used successfully in his practice for over 3,500 patients.  No other doctor or individual can claim this level of experience.
  9. The resources we promote are Dr Brownstein’s book on Iodine, Thyroid and Salt, Dr David Derry’s book on Breast Cancer and Iodine and Dr Mark Sircus’ books and videos on iodine as well as the videos of Dr Jorge Flechas.  Specific video links are listed in the groups files.
  10. Please be nice to one another.  There are some very sick and foggy brained people that may need a little extra care.

What will result in removal

  1.  Posting off topic more than once.  You will not be warned about your posts.  All posts are moderated and require approval.  If you violate the rules they will just be deleted.  You will need to self monitor.
  2. Posting iodine information that is from a source that cannot be backed by scientific data.
  3. Foul language / swearing will not be tolerated.
  4. Any arguing with the moderator or owner will result in immediate removal and banning.
  5. Blocking the moderator or owner.  You will be banned from the group when you are caught doing this.
  6. If after a few requests to read the materials the member continues to ask questions that are answered in the materials they will be removed from the group.  This group is a self-help group.  We offer support and coaching.  The guide and the blogs will offer a significant amount of data.  If you need more there are also courses that can be purchased to further your understanding.

Welcome to the Iodine Group!  I hope you can find your path to healing!

Stephanie Buist, ND HC