I am often asked what a Naturopath is.  The waters are getting muddy with the terminology.  There are two forms of naturopathy.  Traditional Naturopaths and Naturopathic Physicians.  I am a Traditional Naturopath.

Traditional Naturopaths

A Traditional Naturopath believes in the power of the human body to heal on its own when the individual supplies the God given needed components to activate the immune system and healing mechanisms.  We do not believe that medical procedures or drugs are needed to obtain healing.

How they work:
– Nutritional balance and support
– Herbs, homeopathy and essential oils
– Detoxification of the body
– Earthing, Sunshine and fresh air
– Emphasizes an overall healthy lifestyle including stress reduction
– Considered health educators to empower the client
– Recommends complementary things like massage and chiropractic
– Does not treat diseases
– Does not diagnose disease
– Does not prescribe protocols
– Is not licensed

Linda Page has additional information on what a traditional naturopath is.

Naturopathic Doctors

Naturopathic doctors are very similar to what a DO (Doctor of Osteopathy) used to be.

Methods of practice
– Diagnoses disease
– Treats disease
– Prescribes medications
– Performs surgical procedures
– Performs invasive procedures
– Recommends healthy lifestyles
– Encourages the usage of nutritional supplements, herbs and homeopathy
– Uses diagnostic testing – blood labs, xrays, other medical tests
– Is licensed in many states.

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians has a more detailed list of information.