Overcoming Thyroid Disorders 3rd Edition


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By Dr David Brownstein


    1. Introduction
    2. Hypothyroidism
    3. Poor T4 Converters and Thyroid Hormone Resistance
    4. In Defense of the TSH Test
    5. Thyroid Replacement Options
    6. Hyperthyroidism and Autoimmune Disorders
    7. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    8. Adrenal and Gonadal Hormones and their Relationship to the Thyroid
    9. Diet
    10. Toxicity and the Thyroid
    11. Detoxification
    12. Coagulation Disorders
    13. Iodine and the Thyroid Gland
    14. Final Thoughts
    1. Appendix A: Glycemic Index
    1. Appendix B: Other Resources


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