There are two options for groups that you can join where other individuals are implementing the Iodine Supplementing Protocol.

Facebook – Iodine Group  

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Facebook is a social media site.  The Iodine group is a closed group which means that only the group members can see what is posted.  You must have a Facebook account to access the group.  When applying please ensure that you have answered all three questions or you will be denied.  The guide that is referenced can be found under the Iodine heading on this site and is free to download.

Yahoo Group – Iodine 


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NOTE:  This group has been removed by Yahoo from a historical data standpoint.  May have moved their boards to another site but I have not done this and have decided to discontinue the support of this board. 

The Yahoo group is a bulletin board format with the option of having messages sent to your e-mail for response.  You can receive individual e-mails or a daily digest format.  This option requires that you sign up for a Yahoo account to use the service.

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