It’s almost 24 years since I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  I was in my early 30’s and had just given birth to my first child.  For those who don’t know my story, a nodule was found on my thyroid at a postpartum checkup and I was then sent for an ultrasound, RAI scan, and fine needle aspiration.  My results showed abnormal follicular cells but not cancer.  I was advised to remove 50% of my thyroid “just to be sure”.  I was scared because I had a new baby and I just wanted it to be over.  Little did I know.

I wish I had known…..

I wish I had known that thyroid cancer is slow growing.
I wish I had known that it could be growing for up to 10 years prior so there’s no need to panic.
I wish I had known that removing my thyroid wouldn’t fix things.
I wish I had known that “you’ll just take a little pill for the rest of your life and it’s easy” wasn’t true.
I wish I had known that finding a doctor who treated you well would be nearly impossible to find and even more expensive to pay for.
I wish I had known that RAI would do lasting damage to my body and that it didn’t work in an iodine deficient bromide toxic state.
I wish I had known that people can and have healed from thyroid cancer w/o thyroidectomies and RAI.
I wish I had known about Dr Abraham and Dr Brownstein (actually I had heard about him, but he was 3 hrs from my home and I had no one to help me with my new baby so I could visit him – I would go to him 6 years later when I was dying) and their research into iodine.
I wish I had known that research shows that thyroid nodules were high in mercury and low in selenium and iodine.

I know now and learned about the iodine protocol in 2006 when I went to Dr Brownstein trying to save my life.  I had gone through a partial then total thyroidectomy in March 2000.  I had 100 mCi RAI in May 2000, 150 mCi in January 2001 and finally 250 mCi in May 2005.  The last one unsuccessful – my endocrinologist’s suggestion – external beam radiation.  I said no – it wasn’t working.  I prayed for guidance and remembered Dr Brownstein’s name that I had heard back in 2000.  It was now 2006 and my cancer markers were climbing again.  I was on synthroid (the Cadillac of thyroid meds *cough*) and felt awful.  My body hurt, anxiety high, hormone imbalance off the charts, weight gain, and edema.

So what did we do?  27 vials of blood labs were drawn – to look at my entire body and find out what had happened. Based on these labs we added nutritional supplements, dietary changes, mercury amalgam removed by a biological dentist, chelated, liver cleanses, BHrt therapy, desiccated thyroid hormone rx change from Synthroid, and finally high dose Iodine.  50 mgs starting up to 125 mgs.  It took 3 years to finally get a clear blood test and the reversal of thyroid cancer naturally.  I’ve been clear since 2009.

I wish I had known sooner.  In my next post I’ll tell you what I would do differently if I were diagnosed today.  That way you won’t wish you would have known.

To your health … naturally!